Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have no PayPal account can I pay with credit card and is it safe?
A: Yes payment can be made with credit cards. When going to pay you will be transfered to a PayPal secure site and there you will be asked if you want to pay using a PayPal account or credit card; you select and enter your information.  PayPal is the most secure online method of payment with over 220 Million accounts.
Q: Are the batteries in the Magicshine MJ-808 bike light sealed?
A: Yes the Li-ion batteries are sealed inside an aluminium casing and are rated to IP67 waterproof and dust proof.
Q: If using a helmet mount or head strap where is the best place to secure the battery?
A: It is best to use a 100cm extension lead and keep the battery in a backpack or pocket. 
Q: What if the unit develops a fault? 
A: The unit will be exchanged for a similar item as long as it is in good condition and has no signs of abuse or tampering and is inside the warranty period.
Q: what is the best way to store and charge Lithium-Ion batteries?
A: 1/ Try to prevent discharging the battery until there is zero charge.
    2/ Store at a low temperature with approx 40% charge.
    3/ Do not leave battery charging for more than 30 minutes after fully charged.