Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Light Extension Kit

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  • 85 Lumens of Red light
  • 100 meter Beam
  • Waterproof Casing
  • 12 Month Warranty
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Run off Existing Battery
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Extension (1M)& 'Y' piece


The Magicshine MJ-818 is one of the brightest rear lights on the market its as bright as a car break light!  The is a 3 Watt LED in the centre and 9 SMD Red LEDs around it giving 85 Lumens of red light. 

The lighting mode can be changed by rotating the metal bezel that runs round the outside of the light.  It scrolls through the following sequence:- 

Mode 1 All flashing,  

Mode 2 Center LED Flashing then 9 LEDs flashing internittently 

Mode 3 Constant Light, all LEDs on. 

The lamp can be installed in less than a minute using the rubber 'O' rings which are very secure and accommodate both standard and oversized seatposts.  The lamp unit can also be mounted to a helmet mount or headstrap.  

The lamp can be run off any magicshine battery pack using a Y piece to give an extra light connection point and an 100cm extension to run power to the back of the bike.  The Lamp can also be run off its own battery pack which can be secured to the frame using strong velcro straps on the battery bag.  Fitting takes takes literally seconds.


BOX CONTENTS (lamp and 'O' Rings only)

  • Magicshine MJ-818 lamp complete with battery lead

  • 2 'O' rings for fitting the lamp to standard or oversize bicycle seatposts


  • Super bright 85 lumen manufacturer rated output

  • 3W red LED + 9 SMD red LEDs

  • 50,000 hour average LED life span

  • IP64 Weatherproof rating

  • Constant mode and two flashing modes.

  • Anodised, anti-abrasive, aircraft aluminium 

  • High temperature protection circuit

  • Approx. 75g fitted


Spare batteries...............£40.90 (series 3)

Extension cables..............£8.00

Helmet Mount....................£8.90

Head Straps.......................£8.90

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This Magicshine MJ-818 Light is really very bright! supervisability and I feel much safer on my nite commute.  it very well made and fits securely to the seat post.  The light modes can be changed by rotating a silver colar round the light head.  I run it off the battery pack I got with my MJ-870 light and on flashing mode it has very little impact on the battery life.  For safety on the roads you need this!

BY: Pete  DATE: 5th June 2011


I had used a small LED rear light runnig off 2 AA batteries until I got this and they cannot even be compared to the Magicshine MJ-818!! 85Lumens???.....its looks more like 150 Lumens; cars will not ever miss you with this on.  I wouldn't cycle on the road at night without it, in fact I am tempted to use it as a day running light, like cars are doing now.  visability and safety even during the day is massively improved.

BY: Bert  DATE: 1ts June 2011