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posted 18 Jan 2011, 15:53 by -

Hello I just wanted to say thank you for the amazingly efficient service your company provides for customers. I purchased a magicshine battery from you on Monday and it arrived first thing this morning !! I am a member of woollybacks mountain bike club in st. Helens ( they have around 270 members) and also Warrington triathlon club ( 160 members) I have already posted on both their websites how efficient ( and well priced ) your company is and you can rest assured that I will definitely be purchasing from you again and also recommending you to all I know

Many many thanks



posted 20 Dec 2010, 15:50 by -   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 16:20 ]

I was very pleasently surprised with the quick and efficient service I recieved when buying a Bikeray III 1300 Lumen light.  The packaging was neat and the unit came next day.  It is a very impressive light with a great beam for trail riding.  


posted 2 Dec 2010, 14:35 by -   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 17:14 ]

The Magicshine MJ-808
mountain-bike light is an excellent light it is as bright as lights that are 2 or 3 times the price!! the build quality is excellent and the light fits securely to either standard or over-sized handlebars and adjustment is very simple.  The 3 modes give a wide range of burn times from 3 to 12 hours and even at the lowest setting the light is good enough to cycle with.  There is a neatly mounted switch at the rear of the light which is illuminated and glows green and as the battery is getting low it turns red to let you know so you can select a lower power setting to get you home.  Charger is UK mains and charges the battery in 4 hours.  overall it is an excellent light and is the best value for the lumens on the market!!

Orienteering Champion

posted 30 Nov 2010, 16:26 by -   [ updated 1 Dec 2010, 12:43 ]

Recommended by Triple British Night Orienteering Champion Nick Barrable

"This  lamp is a bargain"


posted 16 Nov 2010, 12:20 by -   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 16:11 ]

Thanks arrived on Friday ~ very happy with your service and the light.
Best regards


posted 16 Nov 2010, 12:12 by -   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 16:13 ]

Pros: -very bright light, I got the 5 mode version so i had a lower brightness setting for roads(doesn't annoy cars as much).
-Ive also been in rain with the battery pack, without any mods. As long as it is placed so the plastic is facing down where the cord comes out it is fine.
-battery lasts for ages on low mode (about 12 hours i think, but i haven't checked systematically).

Cons: -beam pattern is very wide, on roads it can be a bit blinding to cars because of this.
-the actual focus is about as bright as a 200 lumen spot light i have as it is a flood light, not necessarily a bad thing.
-the flash mode is very intense, it would be bad if you turned that on on a road with cars.

Other Thoughts: If the button is held down for a few seconds the light turns off, all the modes do not need to be cycled through.

Bottomline: -best bike light you can buy for the price.

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